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    “Debbie’s treatments helped me beat Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, which is in itself miraculous. She also guided me and helped me to feel empowered by teaching me Reiki and proved herself to be a wonderful teacher and guide in life.”


    “I feel so much more positive about my body and health.  Reiki has helped me not only with physical and emotional issues but has helped me get focused in life.”


    “I am blessed to have Debbie as my Reiki Master Teacher. She is the best at wht she does and is an advanced intuitive. She always takes time to discuss issues with her clients and helps them greatly understand what in going on in their lives.  She is phenomenal!”


    “Debbie offered me a safe place to release my fears, pain and clear away any issues that were holding me back. She also offered me healthy suggestions to heal and rejuvenate my body.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without the incredible healing I had with Debbie.”


    “…beautiful soul sister on her spiritual journey so full of light. Her healing did wonders and I’ve felt transformed ever since.  Debbie has a wonderful talent as a healer and lightworker.”


    Soul Compass

    “I got so much from my reading with Debbie. Mostly positive direction, confidence, love, strength and l to push forward.  Her kind gently way and ability to see only the good make such a positive impact on the world.”


    “Thank you so much, Debbie, for being such a big part of my journey to self-love and living a fearless life. You have been an inspiration for me to be an inspiration too. You are a kind and beautiful soul.”


    “Debbie unlocked hope and strength to face my father after the first time after 47 years. Her intuition, clairvoyance and psychic gifts are truly inspiring and her gentle encouragement helped me overcome my fear of rejection. Debbie was a catalyst for all this joy and I will always be grateful for what she ahs unlocked within me. She gave me the courage to face this difficult issue head on. It has changed my fathers life3 also.l  What Debbie brings to this world is precious. Thank you!”


    “After 3 years job hunting after University, I was still unemployed despite my qualifications. It seemed hopeless. After a reading and guidance, I got a job in 2 weeks! What Debbie does is truly special. Thank you!”


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