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  • I feel extremely honored and humbled to learn this course from Debbie Creagh. Intuitive card reading is more than just fortune telling like how most people think. It is one of the ways that you can use to heal and send good wishes to people. Learning this course not only taught me how to do intuitive cards reading, but it showed me the areas of my character that I can further develop to become a stronger and better version of myself. I really valued the precious life experiences that Debbie was willing share to clearly illustrate the power of the cards and how important it is for a person to stay in his/her True Integrity when giving a reading. Thank you so much for your time and heart in teaching me and helping me overcome myself. 
 Lastly, I also want to thank my friend for making time to join the exchange and for teaching me life lessons too! I'm so glad we got our butts kicked together lol!

    Ellis - Intuitive Card Reading

  • Finally, I have completed doing 10 Reiki treatments and was ready to move on to the next part of my spiritual journey: Reiki 2. My teacher asked a very simple but meaningful question 

    "What is the difference between Reiki 1 and a Reiki Therapist for you?" 

    From that question, it made me realize that being a Reiki Therapist is like being a heart surgeon. You need to PURELY FOCUS on the patient that is on the table with COMPASSION, DETACHMENT and NO JUDGEMENT. It's NOT about us as a healer, it's about the PATIENT who is here for the treatment. 

    Reiki 2 class is more than just learning about the symbols and the process in doing long distance healing. It's about...
    - The right mindset/approach as a Reiki Therapist
    - The right attitude to live life and interact with the world and people around us.
    - Trusting and listening to your guides, knowing that you are well protected.
    - PURE LISTENING to what the other person is NOT saying (the truth behind the veil) and helping them realize what they have buried unconsciously.
    - Respecting the patient's choices in life after we have passed our guides' message on to them.
    - Understanding that we are all humans (healers/patients) and that we help each other heal during our journey together.

    I am so sincerely grateful for learning from Debbie Creagh, who not only taught me Reiki 2, but taught me how to become a stronger/better version of myself through her life experiences.
 I am so proud of my friend who took this course with me! She is a living and breathing example of what Courage & Strength from within is all about.
 I am very honored to have my Reiki Master friend who came for the reiki exchange. She passed on very important messages to me about my spiritual journey, and for simply being EVE!!! I learned that laughter is magic to calm the distressed hearts. :)
 I am very thankful for my new Reiki Master friend who shared her story and taught me that we need to "get out of the way" for good things to come into our life, instead of just limiting/conditioning our paths. 
 Thank you everyone. Love you all!

    Lina - Reiki 2

  • This 7-day journey isn’t only about developing your psychic awareness, but it is a course that is about AWARENESS in EVERYTHING. I’ve come to realize how UNAWARE I have been with my life and the world around me. There are many ugly sides of me that have surfaced and I had a hard time accepting them (even 3 days after DPA ended). The good news is now that I have become aware of them; I have a better idea on how to approach them with INTEGRITY. 

    I had the privilege to see things from different perspectives with all three of us present in the room. It was an ego shit-storm drama created by us (the students), but we learned so much through it all. LoL! 

    I can humbly say that:
    - The greatest gift that I had witnessed, experienced and received was COMPASSION & PATIENCE.
    - The greatest advice that I have received from a Senior DPA student was to TRUST YOUR GUIDES.
    - The greatest lesson #1 that I have learned was EFFORTLESSNESS is the key to wisdom and success. I have made things so difficult for myself (battling with my Ego), when all I needed to do was to be honest, relax and not over analyze things. No need to judge.
    - The greatest lesson #2 that I have learned was the RESPONSIBILITY of a Light Worker. Your patients come before you. Leave all your problems at the door and focus on them first. When working with other fellow Light Worker, it is your responsibility to alert any dangers that are lurking so everyone is protected. 

    At the end of this course, I have to admit that it took days for me to process many things. It made me realize that what I knew was only a tiny grain of sand in this mysterious universe. We are humans, and it is VERY normal for us to have fear and make mistakes. The most important thing is to remember to get back up and to continue walking forward with an honest heart. To me, the DPA course did not mark an ending or an achievement. It marked the starting of a new journey because this time I am AWARE. My journey has only just begun and there will be many trials ahead. 

    Thank you Debbie Creagh and my courageous friend for being with me through thick and thin throughout the course. Thank you for all of your patience, compassion, love, support and belief in me. I love you both.

    Sally - DPA

  • We live in a world where we are conditioned to not see our own self-worth and potential. Many of us are too embarrassed, terrified and paranoid to ask for help. Even if we did, there were many times we were not heard. That turned into despair. As days turn to years, we allow that toxicity to be a part of us until we actually believe that it is how it is and there is nothing we can do about it.
    I was one of those people. 

    Yet, fate/God/my protection one day led me to Debbie, who gave me the final warning. There was a choice to be made: to sit in the hellhole that I created for myself or to RISE above it and be a better version of me. I made the choice to RISE and will do whatever it takes to reach there. It was scary to be out of my comfort zone but it is required because I know that what I’ll get in the end is far more precious. 

    My Soul Compass 1 Journey started. It was very intense and soul-baring. There were times that I fell ungracefully and was fearful, but each time I get up to take the next step, there was always HOPE, LOVE, and LIGHT protecting and guiding the way. I learned so much within the 2 days with Debbie, Eve and Preet. Every message from our guides and from our classmate’s guides are MEANT for all of us in that room. There is so much we can learn if we just HUMBLY LISTEN and ACCEPT the TRUTH with our HEARTS. The most important thing that I learned in Soul Compass 1 is “The greatest love of all is easy to achieve. Learning to love yourself is the great love of all.” 

    From the core of my essence, I am so truly grateful and honored to learn from Debbie Creagh and my two new friends. There is no amount of thank you’s that will ever be enough to say to you ladies. All the laughter, personal stories, silly quarrels, light snacks and guide messages shared together throughout our Soul Compass Journey, I cherish them dearly. Thank you. Thank you! 

    To people who DESIRES to be a better version of yourself and get out of the hellhole, do not be afraid to seek help. Muster up your courage and enjoy Soul Compass Journey. 

    God bless! XOXO with Love & Light 

    P.S. - I also want to thank my friends for being a part of my spiritual journey before The Soul Compass 1 Journey. Thank you for reaching out and pulling me back to the Light. Thank you very much

    Wilin - Soul Compass 1