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    Debbie is a professional tarot card reader and one of the worlds rare “spiritual mediums”. Born with this special gift, she tuned in her powerful abilities from an early age and now teaches others to do the same. Now based in Bangkok, Thailand for the past 13 years.

    Debbie offers readings to the elite of Thailand and Asia; politicians, TV celebrities along with individuals from all walks of life, both in person and via Skype. They were all transformed by the insights they gained from Debbie’s intuitive readings.

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    3,000 THB for 60 minutes

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    Tarot Card Reading Bangkok

    When you get a tarot card reading, you will receive practical guidance with actionable steps you can take to charge of your life and get what you want.

    Debbie is much more than your typical fortune teller; she has a gift to provide you with deep transformational insights with her psychic skills that you truly need to see and experience to believe.

    Along our journey, we encounter challenges, face adversity and have to make hard decisions. The trials of life are both positive and negative lessons that are required of any human being to grow and evolve until we gain enough wisdom and insight into life to become an enlightened being.

    However, sometimes we can become too busy, scared or confused and can no longer see our way forward. We often need help or guidance from others like friends, family, fortune tellers or tarot card readers.

    In our session together we will pinpoint and clarify what your needs truly are. We will discover the obstacles that have been blocking your success so you may move past them with comfort and ease.  As she channels Divine messages with her psychic ability, you will receive healing energy that will neutralize any fear or worry you may have and empower you to move forward with optimism and faith so you may lead the life you deserve.

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    In an Intuitive Card Reading with me you will learn:

    • Learn to find the essential truth that lies beneath your situation so you may discover the answers that you are seeking
    • Learn to see limitless possibilities in your life so that you can move past the obstacles that stand in your way.
    • Learn practical guidance and actionable steps to get your life back on track and be successful
    • Learn to optimize your vibration by protective techniques that prevent you from taking on others negative energy.

    Duration: 60-90 minutes

    Testimonial “I got so much from my reading with Debbie. Mostly positive direction, confidence, love, strength and l to push forward.  Her kind gentle way and ability to see only the good make such a positive impact on the world.” – Laura Connolly – the US

    Testimonial: “Thank you so much, Debbie, for being such a big part of my journey to self-love and living a fearless life. You have been an inspiration for me to be an inspiration too. You are a kind and beautiful soul.” – Wilin Iyruang Thailand

    Testimonial:“Debbie unlocked hope and strength to face my father after the first time after 47 years. Her intuition, clairvoyance and psychic gifts are truly inspiring, and her gentle encouragement helped me overcome my fear of rejection. Debbie was a catalyst for all this joy, and I will always be grateful for what she has unlocked within me. She gave me the courage to face this difficult issue head-on. It has changed my father’s life also. What Debbie brings to this world is precious. Thank you!” – Kim Maxwell Singapore

    Testimonial:“After 3threeyears job hunting after University, I was still unemployed despite my qualifications. It seemed hopeless. After a reading and guidance, I got a job in 2 weeks! What Debbie does is truly special. Thank you!”- Ritu India

    Testimonial: “I can’t recommend Debbie Creagh and her psychic medium & tarot abilities more. She is incredible, provides accurate messages and can offer guidance and insight into aspects of your life that can be improved or enhanced, leading to personal empowerment and life improvement. I gained so much from our appointment and have recommended her to anyone looking for inspiration to better themselves” – Eilidh Mac Queen, Scotland


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