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    I offer private, compassionate intuitive psychic sessions to support you in coping with issues that are closest to your heart. 

    A reading with me will empower you by giving you the knowledge that you need to take right action…and by showing you how to see all of the options that are available to you now.

    During our time together, we can focus on answering the questions that are important to you. I can give you guidance in the areas of romance, finances, health, career…nearly any subject that is on your mind.

    It is my passion to help clients to connect with their true purpose while dealing with life’s changes. The past has proved that there were times where you were set off-course to your alignment and, therefore, were not able to achieve your goals.

    I help you achieve your goals and drive you to a path where you can fulfill your desires in life.


    Through energy healing, such as Reiki, I will elevate your levels of health, success, relationships, motivation, love for yourself and total life purpose.

    I will help you to remove any negative energy, resistance, and blocks and to uncover what needs to be seen and known.

    When you are ready to tune into your own gifts, come nurture your abilities with me through workshops and lessons in psychic development, Reiki and guided meditation.

    Following are some of the ways we can work together (click on each to learn more):

    Reiki Sessions


    Soul Compass Meditation Course


    Intuitive Tarot Card & Pendulum Readings


    Life Enhancement Coaching & Spiritual Counseling


    Contact me here to book your session and/or learn more!