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    Psychic Medium/Tarot Card Reading Bangkok, Thailand

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    Psychic Medium Bangkok/Tarot Card Reading Bangkok, Thailand

    What is a Tarot Card Reading?

    In a tarot card reading Bangkok. Debbie Creagh, (a psychic medium) channels insight and practical guidance.  Clients become aware of any actionable steps that are needed to move forwards.

    “A Tarot card reading allows us to predict the future or delve into all the aspects of a situation or various situations. A tarot card reader can provide clarity and insight about interconnected circumstances.  It can be compared to a psychic ‘Sherlock Holmes’ piecing together evidence and clues to arrive at a certain conclusions”. Debbie Creagh

    Going back in time, the origins of the tarot cards reach back to the 15th century in Europe. The Tarot card symbology were cherished in the courts of Italian nobles. They were spread throughout Europe by gypsies and fortune-tellers. These cards are known to have  a ‘psychic language’ that allowed for deeper access to the mind.

    Tarot cards mirror the qualities of one’s mind – thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, what is most important to an individual. In addition, The tarot are comprised of 2 decks of cards.  The Major Aranca which are the 22 picture cards, and The Minor Arcana.  The 22 Major Arcana represent the different stages of personal evolution on a soul journey. They reflect our ‘inner self’ and the stages we encounter on our path to self-awareness. Moreover, they highlight where attention is required pertaining to ones spiritual and psychological growth. The Minor Arcana represent our ‘outer self’ and how we are influenced as human beings on life’s journey.

    A psychic tarot card reading offers the opportunity to see the inner workings of our lives and how they will play out depending on the choices one makes.  It’s the opening of a door to possibilities. A lens through which we can view another life beyond what we previously perceived. There is an incredible depth of information that can be revealed pertaining to life and solutions that await you!

    Debbie Creagh views her psychic tarot card reading as a form of ‘spiritual counseling’.  She strives to empower people to develop a greater sense of self – to look inwards and to trust their own instincts and intuition.

    “Having a Tarot card reading with Debbie was one of my favourite moments. She has this beautiful and diving energy and during my reading.  Just by connecting with her, with my hand in hers, I could feel that everything would be alright. I knew that I would be on a journey with guidance from Spirit, a realm that I had only read about. But now, I had actually experienced it first hand. I cannot put in words how much I enjoyed my session with Debbie. I wished it could have continued forever! “  (Ravina- Bangkok)

    Whats the difference between a tarot card reader and a fortune teller?

    People are very curious about the future. They visit fortune tellers to see what their future holds.  A  fortune-teller can tell you facts about situations, events from your past and predict future events.  During fortune-telling, questions are posed. Different divination techniques can be utilized. These include astrology, crystal ball, tea leaf readings, pendulum and palm reading.

    Some Fortune-tellers adapt to analyze and interpret hand writing and or facial features etc. Unfortunately, some fortune-tellers can also be ‘misfortune tellers’ as they present negative predictions. However, fortune-telling is not an accurate assessment as many unknown factors influence outcomes.

    If you are seeking guidance for a better life in areas such as career, finances, relationships, spiritual growth etc., then you are seeking a psychic reading. Psychics/tarot card readers are known to be conduits for spirit. They channel detailed explanations about the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of a situation.

    Doing a psychic reading is a wonderful opportunity for healing. Root causes often go back as far as ones childhood. This  creates a repetition of circumstances or patterns similar to the one individual is presently manifesting.

    It is important to understand that a genuine psychic will not give any information regarding misfortune. Instead, they view the positive outcomes that could occur once the client shifts their perception. This awareness assists them to arrive at necessary conclusions to evolve to the next stage in their lives.  During a psychic reading, the client waits till the end of the reading in order to ask any further questions they may have.

    When Debbie Creagh gives a psychic tarot reading in Bangkok, she always ensures that the client understands how past events, choices and beliefs has brought the individual to this point. Then positive learnings can be percieved. Through a deeper understanding and channeled guidance, the client gains the knowledge and tools necessary to shift from where they are now to where they should be. Debbie has some fantastic testimonials to endorse her sessions.

    What is the difference between a Mediumistic message and a psychic one?

    Put simply, psychics, perceive and mediums receive. Debbie Creagh is a well-known psychic medium in Bangkok. She explains that ‘Every medium is psychic but not every psychic is a medium’.  A psychic tunes into the persons energy field and aura. Therefore, the persons potential possible future can be determined.

    A medium, on the other hand, works differently. “Firstly, we need to understand that when our physical bodies die, our higher consciousness, which is energy, continues on another higher plain of existence. (Debbie Creagh).

    Indeed “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another (Einstein).  Therefore a medium raises their own vibrational frequency and those in the spirit realm lower their vibrational frequency. Then communication can take place.

    When a psychic medium reaches another vibrational frequency, they use different kinds of sensitivities relating to the senses to receive messages in different ways. Examples include clairaudience (perceptive hearing), clairvoyance (perceptive seeing), clairsentience (perceptive sensing and feeling), and claircognizant (perceptive knowing).

    Debbie Creagh uses all four of the above in a reading and at times uses other sensitivities that are not as well known. These are clairgustance (perceptive tasting) “a favourtie sweet or cigarettes to show they were a smoker or the smell of baking”.   Clairsalience (perceptive smelling) “I remember a grandfather who crossed for a client. I could smell his aftershave and then he showed me a bottle of ‘Old Spice” and how he applied it after he shaved his face, always with a little nip from the razor” (Debbie Creagh)

    We all have at least one of these abilities. A naturally gifted psychic medium like Debbie Creagh has developed these gifts to a professional level in order to pass important messages on to individuals destined to receive them.

    When those who have transitioned connect, they begin by giving evidence that validates who they are and how they lived.  This way, the person receiving the reading can be in no doubt who it is. Details such as where they lived, how they dressed, personalities, personal phrases, who they have connected with on the other side etc are relayed to the client.

    Loved ones may may give information and guidance to the client while connecting and reassure the client that all will be well. The information passed on can greatly transform the life of the person receiving the message.

    There comes a point in your life when you receive an awakening and that happened when I met Debbie. She channeled my dad who gave her a very strong and distinct message for me. This was a message that lead me on a journey to know the truth, a journey of self discovery. This would never have taken place if Debbie had not been a medium of communication between my dad and myself.

    It was the most extraordinary experience I had ever had. She channeled messages that no one could have ever known. She was in direct contact with my dad who had transitioned a few weeks prior to our first encounter. It was powerful and totally surreal yet it was all happening as I sat before her. Debbie has a gift that is God sent and she uses it to bring us all closer to our higher self, closer to the universe and ultimately closer to God.  She does it all so effortlessly in pure love”

    One important fact about mediumship is that there is no guarantee that the loved one will cross over. It’s like making a phone call, sometimes they pick up and sometimes they don’t, but more cross than not. Loved ones on the other side who chose to come across are then able to pass on the information.

    “As a psychic medium I have had clients who simply wished to communicate with a loved one who has crossed over. Some individuals have unresolved issues with loved ones; such as never getting to say goodbye, seeking forgiveness, or just telling them that they love them.  On occasion, the majority of the reading is given through a mediumistic message, much to the delight of the client. “All readings should empower the person to feel excited and positive about their lives”. (Debbie Creagh)

    Debbie Creagh has also done some Platform mediumship.  This is where the medium opens up for a group of people in a room and passes messages on to them from people who have already transitioned. The medium gets a ‘feeling’ who the message is for and is directed by the loved one.

    Why should I book a Tarot card session?

    Fate and Destiny do exist but we are so often blind to what is going on round us that we often miss clear signals about our true pathway. A Tarot Card Reading is a wonderful way of accessing Divine messages from spirit and exploring the path we have been on.  We become aware certain patterns that have led us to the present and unlock new possibilities that were previously hidden. “Whether its a need for reassurance, direction, healing, or clarity about circumstances, a reading with me will definitely enlighten you” (Debbie Creagh).

    Who normally books Tarot cards?

    Anyone seeking insight, clarity, guidance, or is at a crossroads in life. Perhaps someone requires confidence and reassurance that they are on the right path. Some just need a little nudge in the right direction.  People from all walks of life have had psychic readings with me from celebrities, designers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and housewives.

    When can I expect some results from the Tarot Card Reading?

    It depends on the person and the kind of reading that the person had. There is a divine timing events in our lives. Spirit is working out the details behind the scenes to bring the person what they have asked for. That being said, in Debbie Creagh’s 14 years of doing psychic readings, her clients have seen results and within days or weeks. She has even witnessed clients getting results the same day as they had the reading is a truly wonderful experience!  Its amazing what can happen when people let go in faith, even for a day, to allow what they asked for to manifest.

    “Good morning Debbie. Thank you again for the incredible and insightful session yesterday. Remember when you told me that I am on my journey trying to get my voice back and you can see me speaking publicly? Yesterday I met someone who offered me to conduct language classes for employees in a Thai company… Ain’t that funny?” Anna – Germany

    What other services do you include with the Tarot Card booking?

    As a certified NLP coach, energy healer, psychic medium and tarot card reader Debbie Creagh uses all her abilities in a session. Healing energy is passed on to the client during the psychic tarot reading. Quite often the client can become emotional or release blocked energy from the body that was creating confusion or hurt.  Debbie is not just a psychic, she is also a medium, which is quite rare to find.

    Sometimes a mediumistic message comes through during the session from a loved one, which apart from bringing incredible joy and peace to the client. It also restores their faith that someone in heaven is watching over them.  Tools can also be given when necessary to assist the client in shifting their energy back into alignment.  Positive affirmations, tips on how to manifest  wishes, journaling to receive positive learnings from life’s challenges.

    How often can I come for a Tarot Card reading in Bangkok?

    Its best to allow some time to pass for certain events to unfold before having another psychic tarot card reading (a month or more).  When you get an accurate reading, it gives you the heads up on the work that needs to be done. It redirects one’s life in a more fulfilling direction and allows us to obtain ones hearts desires.

    Its a gift to be given this chance to glance into the mirror of your life. To retrace your steps, comprehend where you got lost and shape a more beneficial path for the future. Life is an adventure and each situation can be an opportunity for learning, growth and self discovery.  However, if you have a psychic tarot card reading too often, you can lose focus and get stuck in the mud. Have faith, surrender and marvel at how everything falls into place perfectly as you hold the space for it.

    I feel I have a psychic gift but do not know how to utilize it. Can you help me open that up?

    Well we all come into the world psychic. Whether you call it intuitive, psychic, sensitive we all have a psychic ability. When we go to school we start using the left hand side of your brain as opposed to the right. We can then be pulled away from our psychic ability.  It is a matter of connecting to and opening that innate ability up and exercising it as you would your body in the gym to get some ‘psychic muscle’.

    Debbie Creagh has written a course in teaching people to do just that called ‘Intuitive Awareness with Tarot Cards’ and many of her students have gone on to have successful careers in tarot card readings.

    I’ve heard people can block a psychic tarot card reading, is that possible?

    Yes a person can block a psychic reading.  Sometimes a client is just very guarded and other times it is because they are ‘testing’ the psychic. If the client has a very closed mindset, the reading will not have the same amount of depth and the client will not receive the full benefits of the reading.  You really receive what you allow.

    “It’s an integral part of the process to first build rapport and relax the client, relieving them of any concerns they may have about the process of a psychic reading explaining how it works. By reassuring them that the messages are from the highest of good (I always ask permission of the client’s Higher Self ), they can relax and enjoy a full in-depth reading, with the resources and guidance available. 

    Do you teach mediation with the tarot card reading?

    Meditation is not taught during the actual tarot card session. However, I created ‘The Intuitive Awareness with Tarot Cards’ course to enable you to enhance and strengthen your psychic abilities and to gain an understanding of your spiritual path. In addition to advancing and deepening a relationship with your spirit guides, you develop your psychic and telepathic skills and discover how to combine Tarot cards and channeled messages

    Can I record the Tarot card session?

    Recordings of the psychic reading are given after the session along with the tarot card spread from the tarot card reading.

    Can I bring someone with me to listen to the tarot card session?

    Yes, you can bring someone along to a tarot card reading. However, it’s important to be aware they are extremely personal and can sometimes be an emotional experience. Therefore its important that you bring someone you are comfortable sharing the session with.

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    1. Anthony Augustine

      The best psychic medium ive ever come across, and that is saying a lot… if you are looking for spiritual guidance Debbie is your guide. Debbie’s Tarot card abilities just scratch the surface of her abilities as a psychic.. get your self booked in and prepare to be amazed.

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