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    Learning Tarot Cards

    Are you interested in developing your psychic ability and telepathic skills? Would you like your own direct link to source? Are you looking to give positive guidance to friends and family through reading tarot cards and using your psychic gift ?

    The ‘Intuitive Awareness with Tarot Cards’ Course  is a fun way to develop an understanding of your spiritual path, enhance and strengthen your psychic abilities, explore and understand the path you are on and learn ways to feel empowered to make conscious creative choices of action. We are all born with some degree of psychic ability or intuition, whether we are aware of it or not.

    Learning to sharpen your intuition and realize your psychic potential is not as difficult,as you may think. We some practice we can all tap into intuitive information on a daily basis. There are several ways to tune into messages and information that can help guide you.

    On this course, you will discover that intuition can emerge during a tarot reading and you will learn how to tune into these messages. Tarot decks often use very strong images and symbols, colors and patterns that we can utilize to connect to our unconscious. The tarot cards express feelings and beliefs that may be hidden and help unlock our our inner wisdom. The symbols in tarot cards can suddenly  ‘jump out’ in various ways revealing a particular pattern or theme that resonates. During a psychic reading, subtle clues can echo meanings in the tarot cards. Using Tarot cards and your healing assistants can help you clarify your feelings or unlock choices or possibilities that may not have been apparent. It’s like having a conversation with our authentic self that we often ignore because we are too busy, fearful or confused.

    As well as advancing and deepening a connection with your spirit guides, you will develop your psychic and telepathic skills, learn how to combine cards and channeled messages to provide insight as well as ask deeper questions as you seek to understand yourself and your life purpose.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Learning to reach different levels of consciousness
    • History of Divinatory Methods
    • Origins of tarot and structure of Tarot deck
    • How Tarot cards became used as a divinatory tool
    • Develop your telepathy skills through projection
    • Learn how to access higher levels of the Akashic Records
    • Perform tarot card readings using the most popular tarot spreads
    • Symbolism of the tarot and their associations with esoteric elements
    • Tarot and their association with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual consciousness
    • Learn how to interpret signs, and symbols and use your intuition to receive information from spirit.

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    • Course Duration:      2 Consecutive Days
    • Time:                          9.30am-5.30pm
    • Prerequisite:             Reiki 1

    Testimonial:“I feel extremely honored and humbled to learn Debbie Creagh‘s course Intuitive Awareness with Cards. Intuitive card reading is more than just fortune telling like how most people think. It is one of the ways that you can use to heal and send good wishes to people. Learning this course not only taught me how to do intuitive tarot card reading, but it showed me the areas of my character that I can further develop to become a stronger and better version of myself. I really valued the precious life experiences that Debbie was willing share to clearly illustrate the power of the cards and how important it is for a person to stay in his/her True Integrity when giving a reading. Thank you so much for your time and heart in teaching me and helping me overcome myself”

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    I have to say this session was much more than what I could imagine. It’s was so amazing, it’s like receiving coaching from the above. My wife and I now getting started on a new beautiful relationship journey again. because of this session because of Deb. We love you!

    I feel Debbie Creagh is doing this with pure good intention to help to elevate all of us. She was really dedicated to support us. I have to say my communication with others has been much much better like never before. I was able to see things I couldn’t see and hear things, I couldn’t hear. I feel Debbie will do everything she can to let us hear what we needed to hear. Yes, I have been Debbified!

    Besides being a great Reiki master, Debbie herself is a great storyteller and coach. She blends all different techniques very well, NLP, hypnotherapy and also Story Telling.  Somehow she uses them to teach us what we need to hear and learn at the right moment.

    From me and my wife, we can promise you a great experience learning and value from this class beyond your imagination. We are and we will be forever grateful that we have been brought to see you.

    Here are some highlights of our learnings, if you are considering or making a decision about this class.

    Massive improvement in your ability to communicate with people and your guides. Self-reflection and learning about yourself directly from the source.

    If you are lucky like us, you’ll build a better relationship.

    On top of that, you’ve got to learn the tool you can use to do the same for others and yourself whenever you want to.

    Yes, this is not your standard card reading. It’s much much more.

    You are in for a great ride!

    Roj Tikkawee