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  • What is Hypnotherapy?

    When people hear the word Hypnotherapy they generally think of ‘stage hypnosis’ & envision people running around out of control acting crazy or ridiculous things for entertainment purposes or a pocket watch going back  controlling people’s minds.  However, real hypnosis bares very little resemblance to these old sterotypes.

    A hypnotist merely serves as a guide to facilitate your experience into a trance-like state of heightened concentration – a perfectly natural state of mind that we experience many times during the day such as when we first wake and just before sleep. Hynoptherapy is not about control – its the opposite – its about empowerment. The word hypnosis comes from the Greek word “hypnos” which simply means, “sleep.

    What is Interactive Hypnotherapy?

    Interactive Hypnotherapy is an immensely different experience to traditional hypnotherapy. Interactive hypnosis helps clients explore the root causes of their problem rather than dealing with the symptoms.  It is categorized as focused attention, heightened suggestibility and an increased feeling of self-awareness. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The hypnotist works with the subconscious mind, where the conscious mind is suppressed and the subconscious mind is revealed where seeds of positive change can be planted. These suggestions help people make positive changes within themselves. The therapist is able to suggest ideas, concepts and lifestyle adaptations to the patient, the seeds of which become firmly planted for the benefit of the client. This process is so empowering for those seeking more fulfilling lives. Interactive Hypnotherapy is one of the most compassionate and gentle ways to facilitate change in your behavior and life for the better and helps you to achieve your goals and create a more positive, optimistic, healthier and happier life.

    Are you ready to heal unresolved issues that have been troubling you your whole life?   Are you ready to release past limitations and embrace a more fulfilling life?

    Most of us are faced with unpleasant situations when we are growing up.  We then draw subconscious conclusions about ourselves and the people around us.  We also try to adapt to our environment and make decisions about how to behave, which may serve at the time, but now no longer serve us today. They become obstacles which prohibit or limit our experiences in life and are deeply embedded in the subconscious mind.  When we are in “a state of hypnosis” we now have the potential of accessing the other 90% of the mind, the subconscious, to discover and treat these underlying restrictive thought patterns that hold us back from a fulfilling life and make room for positive development.

    Hypnotherapy is effective for many issues including:

    • Increasing confidence
    • Weight loss
    • Positive Thinking
    • Stress Management
    • Self Esteem
    • Abundance
    • Quit Smoking
    • Anxiety
    • Past Life Regression
    • Improve Relationships Inner Child
    • Overcome Fears/phobias

    NLP Therapy

    NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is an “antivirus” for the mind. Debbie has trained in NLP to help improve my ability to communicate more effectively with clients, as well as to help their clients communicate more effectively with themselves.  Being an NLP Coach has provided her with effective communication techniques to enable a more meaningful transformative experience during your hypnotherapy session together.


    “Truly phenomenal. I have given and received Reiki and Transference Healing but nothing goes like Hypnotheraphy with Debbie. It shifts you inside out. It heals you inside out without having to go into long discussions. I remembered how divinely whole I already am and left with a deep lasting peace and stillness that I’ve never had before. It shakes all that is not true out and magnifies the light within. Thank you Debbie.

    – Chelita

    “Debbie is extremely professional in her approach to both reiki and hypnotherapy. Her intuitiveness is off the chart so she knows exactly how to adapt to individual personalities. I went to see Debbie after coming out of a relationship. The relationship had ended through faults of my own and the fact that I didn’t understand it all worried me for future. So I bit the bullet….I can’t believe how much Debbie’s techniques helped expose issues that were buried deep on a subconscious level that were sabotaging my relationships. Since my sessions with her, I have become immersed in personal development and self-mastery. Debbie has been both supportive and motivating throughout the process and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. One word of advice, don’t give her BS…she can see right through it!! 

    Thanks, Debbie!”

    -Andrew Graham

    “Debbie Creagh you are such a rare find. Your ability to dig deep and attack the problem at the root and not just pacify the symptoms is immaculate. You really know how to eliminate the issue from the core which is truely therapeutic and healing. Its an honor knowing you and having a chance to work with you.”

    -Jannah Ujala Hamid
    International Success Coach, Author, Speaker, Master Trainer and Retreat Facilitator

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