• Courses

  • To help you become a better lightworker and healer, I teach several courses in Bangkok, Thailand. For a fee, I can also travel to locations abroad to teach groups containing 8+ participants.

  • Wishes Have Wings

    Recognize and overcome limiting beliefs and fears that block you from manifesting abundance and reaching your true potential with the 'Wishes Have Wings' meditation.

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    Psychometry Course

      Is it time to awaken your full range of psychic abilities? Psychometry is an extrasensory perception in which a person can sense or "read" the history of an object by touching it. The psychic practitioner receives knowledge via the vibrations imprinted on the object. Those

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    The Development of Psychic Awareness (DPA)

                  We all have the gift of psychic abilities but only a few of us really learn to awaken that gift and how to use it to better our lives. Some of us are more intuitively connected to those skills, and we tend to notice things

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    Learning Tarot Cards Bangkok

    Learning Tarot Cards Are you interested in developing your psychic ability and telepathic skills? Would you like your own direct link to source? Are you looking to give positive guidance to friends and family through reading tarot cards and using your psychic gift ? The ‘Intuitive

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    Pendulum Course

    Get ready to deepen your connection to your guides and receive answers to your questions.   The pendulum has long been used as a tool for guidance and healing throughout history. Learn how you can efficiently and intuitively use the power of the pendulum to help and guide you and your

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