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  • Interactive Hypnotherapy Bangkok

    What is Hypnotherapy? When people hear the word Hypnotherapy they generally think of ‘stage hypnosis’ & envision people running around out of control acting crazy or ridiculous things for entertainment purposes or a pocket watch going back  controlling people's minds.  However, real

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    Psychometry Course

      Is it time to awaken your full range of psychic abilities? Psychometry is an extrasensory perception in which a person can sense or "read" the history of an object by touching it. The psychic practitioner receives knowledge via the vibrations imprinted on the object. Those

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    NLP Coaching & Timeline Therapy

    NLP Coaching As a certified NLP coach, and Timeline Practitioner I will help assist in assessing your present situation, identify any limitations that may be holding you back, then support you with where you want to move forward in life (e.g., career, health, interpersonal relationships,

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    Reiki treatment Bangkok, Thailand

    Reiki: If you're looking for the ultimate reiki treatment in Bangkok then look no further. Soul Reiki, based in Thailand, provides treatment and Reiki classes to all levels, from beginners to Master level in Reiki. Soul Reiki, headed by Debbie Creagh, strive to bring awareness and spiritual

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