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  • 5 Reasons You Should Book A Session Today

    Hello there,  I'm so pleased you've found my website and are considering booking a Reiki and/or Intuitive Card Reading session with me. Because you deserve the best, I've outlined 5 reasons you should book a session and work with me today! Clear yourself of all

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    15 Useful Steps To Help You ‘Let Go’

    Here are some things you can practice when you need to let go: 1. Become Awakened To Reality – Be honest with what is happening in your life. Don’t be in denial. Be upfront with yourself. 2.  Let go of ego – Time to step down and be humble. 3.  Meditate –  Meditate, taking walks

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    6 Principles To Ensure Happiness

    Savour The Present Moment Too many people live inside their minds thinking thoughts that do not benefit them. They are either focused on past regrets or focusing on the future filled with fear and worry about things that will probably never happen. This disempowers you and eventually drains you

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