• Debbie Reiki Master Teacher Bangkok

    Let go of limitations with NLP

    As an NLP coach, I will help you acknowledge and break through challenges which hold you back from reaching your true potential.

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    Reiki Treatment Bangkok

    Heal and find mental clarity with Reiki

    As a Reiki practitioner, I channel divine energy into your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies so you may experience healing and enhanced cognitive skills.

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    Intuitive Awareness with Cards

    This course is a fun way to develop an understanding of your spiritual path, enhance and strengthen your psychic abilities, understand the path you are on and learn how to make conscious creative choices of action

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  • Not only do I know about spirituality and psychic warfare, I am also a lightworker who actively helps people better themselves and their lives. 

  • Feel revitalized with a rejuvenating Reiki treatment! This unique healing experience cleanses your aura, clears bad energy and leaves you feeling as light as a feather. Melt away your anxieties with this transcending experience!

  • Debbie is one of the best light healers in Bangkok. Let her tarot card reading provide clarity, guidance and, most importantly, hope for you.

  • BAs an NLP coach, I will help you to develop into your full potential self and generate solutions and strategies for all areas of your life 

  • This one-of-a-kind course has helped so many people to access their inner resources and become their own internal coach Designed by Debbie Creagh, you will experience nothing else like it. 

  • What Others Have Said

  • Reiki Treatment
    Deb transcends what it means to be a Reiki healer in today's NewAge Movement. She removed energetic blocks that I was not aware were even there, but for some reason was always feeling fatigued, anxious and conflicted; after my session with Deb, it was as though years of unresolved pain was removed from my core. I came to Deb for a Reiki treatment but experienced much more than that! She is a Divine Conduit, incredibly intuitive, and has a luminous heart that yearns to help and heal others! My deepest gratitude! - Alaina Brckovic
  • Reiki and Hypnotherapy
    Debbie is extremely professional in her approach to both reiki and hypnotherapy. Her intuitiveness is off the chart so she knows exactly how to adapt to individual personalities. I went to see Debbie after coming out of a relationship. The relationship had ended through faults of my own and the fact that I didn’t understand it all worried me for future. So I bit the bullet….I can’t believe how much Debbie’s techniques helped expose issues that were buried deep on a subconscious level that were sabotaging my relationships. Since my sessions with her, I have become immersed in personal development and self-mastery. Debbie has been both supportive and motivating throughout the process and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. One word of advice, don’t give her BS…she can see right through it!!
    Thanks Debbie! Andrew Graham
  • Intuitive Awareness Course
    I have to say this session was much more than what I could imagine. It’s was so amazing, it’s like receiving coaching from the above. My wife and I now getting started in a new beautiful relationship journey again. because of this session because of Deb. We love you!
    I feel Debbie Creagh is doing this with pure good intention to help to elevate all of us. She was really dedicated to supporting us. I have to say my communication with others has been much much better like never before. I was able to see things I couldn’t see and hear things, I couldn’t hear. I feel Debbie will do everything she can to let us hear what we needed to hear. Yes, I have been Debbified!
    Here are some highlights of our learnings, if you are considering or making a decision about this class:
    Massive improvement in your ability to communicate with people and your guides. Self-reflection and learning about yourself directly from the source.
    Roj Tikkawee
  • Debbie Creagh you are such a rare find. Your ability to dig deep and attack the problem at the root and not just pacify the symptoms is immaculate. You really know how to eliminate the issue from the core which is truly therapeutic and healing. Its an honor knowing you and having a chance to work with you.

    Jannah Ujala Hamid
    International Success Coach, Author, Speaker, Master Trainer and Retreat Facilitator
  • Having competed as an athlete my entire life injuries are a norm.
    My wife introduced me to Debbie and through Reiki she drew the damaging energy out of my injured wrist which felt like a miracle. I was able to grip and the next morning I felt healed.
    As a professional golfer once again I have the confidence to go at swings full speed, stronger, slightly smarter, but completely convinced. For my next injury deb will be the first and last stop.
    Thank you Debbie for your healing session.

    Professional Golfer
    Asian Seniors Tour
  • Debbie is truly gifted, extraordinary teacher and guide. She is one of the most honest and authentic healers I have ever had the luck of meeting. Private Sessions and her Soul Compass course have been literally life changing! During a devastating hurricane, I had severe anxiety and struggled to sleep.

    After trying other online meditations and sleeping aids, I remembered Debbie's Soul Compass meditations and after a few minutes of Debbie's soothing, reassuring voice I was fast asleep and woke up feeling more centered. They're now my go-to sleep aid whenever I feel stressed. Can't thank Debbie enough for all love, honesty, and motivation.

    Listen to her sage advice and be honest and open with yourself and the process and you will be amazed at how much you can manifest!

    Jess Marie
    Reiki Therapist
  • Truly phenomenal. I have given and received Reiki and Transference Healing but nothing goes like Hypnotherapy with Debbie. It shifts you inside out. It heals you inside out without having to go into long discussions. I remembered how divinely whole I already am and left with a deep lasting peace and stillness that I've never had before. It shakes all that is not true out and magnifies the light within. Thank you, Debbie.

  • Moon Manifestation and Meditations with Debbie has been a life-changing and uplifting experience. Besides having all my wishes manifest into being I finally learned to meditate and understand the true purpose of my existence. I am and shall forever be grateful for having crossed paths with such a beautiful intuitive soul. Thank you for your existance in this journey called " Life".

  • I feel extremely honored and humbled to learn Debbie Creagh’s course Intuitive Awareness with Cards. Intuitive card reading is more than just fortune telling like how most people think. It is one of the ways that you can use to heal and send good wishes to people. Learning this course not only taught me how to do intuitive cards reading, but it showed me the areas of my character that I can further develop to become a stronger and better version of myself. I really valued the precious life experiences that Debbie was willing share to clearly illustrate the power of the cards and how important it is for a person to stay in his/her True Integrity when giving a reading. Thank you so much for your time and heart in teaching me and helping me overcome myself.

  • From the core of my essence, I am so truly grateful and honored to learn from Debbie Creagh, Eve M. J. Li and Kanika Srikureja (Preet). There is no amount of thank you’s that will ever be enough to say to you ladies. All the laughter, personal stories, silly quarrels, light snacks and guide messages shared together throughout our Soul Compass Journey, I cherish them dearly. Thank you. Thank you!

    Wilin Iyarug, Bangkok
  • Thanks to Soul Compass meditation course I feel connected to myself that helped me reached out to my true pure form. An amazing course that helps to push/pull you in the direction where you are meant to be and brings you closer to your destiny. You are reminded you are love.

    Tina Nanwani, Bangkok
  • I got so much from my reading with Debbie. Mostly positive direction, confidence, love, strength and the certainty to push forward. Her kind caring way and ability to see only the good make such a positive impact on the world.

    Somchai, Bangkok
  • About Me

    debbie creagh reiki tarot card reading bkk

    Debbie Creagh is a Psychic medium, Interactive Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach and Reiki Master teacher. She is also certified in Psychic Awareness, Psychometry, Crystal Healing, Aura Cleansing and Healing, Pendulum Diagnosis and Transcending negative energies and discordant and disempowering entities and the Development of Psychic Awareness. She is also a Master Practitioner in NLP, Tarot Card Reader and an Interactive Hypnotherapist. A session with Debbie will leave you feeling truly transformed!

  • "My life mission is to empower people in mastering their own destiny and creating a life that is rooted in their abundant, unlimited power. Everything that has been divinely gifted through me is to help you in your journey towards your wellbeing and success."

  • "As a Psychic Medium, Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach and Reiki Master teacher based in Bangkok, I strive to bring as much light and happiness to the world through healing, teaching, and empowering people. What matters is not what religion or belief system you have, but the intent do good for the planet and humanity."

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